Twiggy’s Landing is a rocky landing located on the western side of Woody Island, that has become famous as the landing site for the four-legged creature named ‘Twiggy’.  The subsequent newspaper article about her remarkable escapade was written on December 9th 1976 follows.

‘Twiggy' is lucky to be alive.  She had spent the past three and a half months stranded on Woody Island after being washed overboard from Don Mackenzie’s launch. According to Mr Mackenzie, Twiggy fell overboard during very rough weather about four kilometers from Woody Island. “It was a big enough feat to be able to reach the island but to land on the island is very difficult,” he said. The island had no beaches and the rocks are pounded by heavy surf even on relatively calm days.

During the long stay on the island, ‘Twiggy’ lived on lizards and surface water lying in rock pools, Mr Mackenzie said. “She had been traveling on the boat for six years and had never fallen overboard before,” he said. Mr Mackenzie said after sighting the dog on the island they decided to try to catch her. They left food, and this was eaten when they returned next day, but they were unable to catch her.

So Mr Jack Arnott, a friend of Mr Mackenzie, decided to stay overnight on the island in an endeavour to catch ‘Twiggy’. That night, she ate everything in the camp and it was not until the next day that she could be coaxed close enough to catch. Somewhat thinner after her ordeal, ‘Twiggy’ soon readjusted to her previous lifestyle with few problems. She never would go on a boat again. ‘Twiggy’ lived until 1979.