Woody Island is home to many different species of flora and fauna. Below are some of the commonly sighted species and where to find them.

Woody Island’s landscape comes alive with wildflowers during the spring season.
Common species include Melaleucas, Eucalypts, Acacias, Orchids and Bottle Brushes.

Melaleucas Honey myrtles Paper bark Are a green shrub that flowers, generally found in open areas, woodland or shrubland.
Eucalypts There are 5 varieties of these on the island, which makes up the majority of the trees. These give “Woody Island” its woody appearance compared to other islands. There are also hybrids at the top of the island.
Acacias Wattles The leaves of acacias are compound in general and become vertically flattened. They also display clusters of yellow flowers.
Orchids Several varieties are found on Woody Island including Spider, Caladonia and purple enamels. They are found in low-lying areas, particularly around or near granite outcrops. Normally flowering from August to October.
Bottlebrushes Callistemon They often grow in damp or wet areas. The flower spikes of bottlebrushes form in spring and summer and are made up of a number of individual flowers. The pollen of the flower forms on the tip of a long coloured stalk called a filament. It is these filaments which give the flower spike its colour and distinctive 'bottlebrush' shape.

Lizards are conspicuous on Woody Island due to the abundance of granite outcrops.

Barking Gecko Gymnodactylus milii Common on the eastern sheltered side of the island.
Marbled Gecko Christinus marmoratus At night this gecko is often sighted on granite rocks, even on the shore. It inhabits the whole island but is more common on the eastern side.
Burrowing Skink Hemiergis peronii Not commonly seen as they reside under the soil most of the time.
Red-legged Skink Ctenotus labillardieri Often seen on large granite outcrops and under rocks throughout the island.
South-western Crevice Skink Egernia napoleonis Abundant and because of their size and diurnal activity they are the most commonly seen lizard. Sighted on the whole island and particularly noticeable on large granite rocks.



A few species of mammals are resident on the island.

Ash-grey Mouse Pseudomys albocinereus This small rodent is native to the island and is very elusive.
Bush Rat Rattus fuscipes Large numbers of these native mammals are seen on the island.
Western Grey Kangaroo Macropus fuliginusus An introduced species in the 1970s. The island is too small to support a viable population.

A wide variety of bird life is sighted on the island, from land dwellers to those dependent on the sea.

Enjoy the abundant bird life that inhabits Woody Island. Watch them frolic in the birdbaths or darting throughout the trees. Near the campsite area Singing & New Holland Honeyeaters, Silvereyes, Red-eared Firetails, Rock Parrots and Sacred Kingfisher can regularly be seen. While along the walk trails catch a glimpse of the Golden Whistlers, Brown Quails, Spotted Pardolalotes, Brush Bronzewings, Raptors and Fan Tailed Cuckoo.

For a comprehensive list of birds sighted, download the “Woody Island Birdlist” by Birds Australia (WA).