Exploring Woody Island Walk Trails


Put on your walking shoes to explore the natural surrounds of Woody Island whilst taking in stunning views. There are three marked Woody Island walk trails that lead you to either the summit (via the Island Top Walk), Twiggy’s Landing or Skinny Dip Bay. With the degree of difficulty varying from easy to moderate, everyone can enjoy a walk around the island.

CAUTION while walking on rocks and walk trails due to uneven ground. Surface may become slippery when wet. Always carry a water bottle and wear the appropriate footwear.

Woody Island Walk Trails

ISLAND TOP WALK trail: Duration: approx. 1 hour return

Along this walking trail, walkers observe the spectacular views of the Recherche Archipelago from all directions.  At the branch in the trail, head left and follow the trail until it loops back.  Good vantage points are found halfway to the summit where a new viewing platform is located and at two large rock outcrops – watch out for skinks!  Take note of the fence-line on the way back.  It is 100 years old and was put up by the Dempster brothers (first settlers in Esperance) to keep sheep away from the deadly heart-shaped poison bush.

TWIGGY’S LANDING trail: Duration: approx. 40 minutes return

This trail leads to Twiggy’s Landing, which has a unique history. A lookout overlooking the Mutton-Bird rookery is located here, so be careful not to interfere with their burrows. A leisurely walk can lead you around the eastern end of the island where sea birds nest and Cape Barren Geese can be seen. Do not walk near the water’s edge or on black or sloping rocks as these are very dangerous.

SKINNY DIP BAY trail: Duration: approx. 40 minutes return

A trail from the campground leads over the hill to Skinny Dip Bay.  This trail passes by the telephone tower on the hill.  Kangaroos frequent this area and the bay is small and rocky but very sheltered.

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